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17:12 19/May/2017

Nice to find your blog. Am a stamp collector -both postage and revenue stamps. I do have my revenues stamps collection from my country Philippines. Am intending to exchange some pieces to other collectors worldwide. Thanks

19:10 09/May/2017

I've been collecting cigarette tax stamps, beer labels since 1978, because my dad owned a bar. Now on the internet I have known your site and I plan to start a collection from all over the world. Please send me an email or address so I can keep in contact. My email is My address
Claudio José da Costa
Rua Manoel Jorge Ribeiro, 425
Vila Salete - Penha – São Paulo
CEP 03616-010

05:26 26/Mar/2017

I knew Tom Priester who got me started with US revenues...alas,he died suddenly a few years ago.

22:22 01/Oct/2016

Thank You!
Amazing collection and it really helped me at my work

02:18 10/Mar/2015

Congratulations on an amazing collection!
I am writing a book on Czechoslovakian revenue stamps. Existing catalogs only list a couple of cigarette tax stamps so your site was quite a find for me. May I have your permission to include the images of these three countries' stamps in my book?
Thank you for your consideration.

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